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Managing mental illness can be challenging, but receiving the proper care and assistance can make all the difference. India is home to some of the finest psychiatric rehabilitation clinics in the world, which provide comprehensive treatment and care for those with mental illnesses. This will examine the list of rehabilitation centers in India to help you or a loved one find the appropriate care.

List Of Top 10 Rehabilitation Centers in India


Top Rehabilitation Centers


Official Website


Sanctum Wellness



Rehabs India



Luxury Rehab Finder



Belgharia Well Wisher Foundation



Sukoon Health



Hope Trust



Lotus Wellness



Blissful Mind



Jeevan Daan Treatment



Drug Dependence Treatment Centre


  1. 1. Sanctum Wellness and Healing
  2. Sanctum Wellness & Healing is India's top rehabilitation Centers in India, and it is conveniently located in New Delhi, just a few minutes from the Delhi Airport. You can expect to be picked up from the airport and taken to a private facility where you will meet a team of professionals, including psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, dialectical behaviour therapists, expressive-art therapists, a yoga and mindfulness trainer, a fitness instructor, a nutritionist, and nurses.

  3. 2. Rehabs India
  4. Rehabs India is a third-party resource that strives to connect those in need with quality residential, inpatient, partial hospitalization (IOP), and outpatient treatment facilities in India for substance abuse. Our goal is to serve as a one-stop resource for anyone looking for information about services and goods related to treating substance use disorders, including the best rehabilitation centers in India, the top de-addiction centers in India, and the most luxurious rehabs in India.

  5. 3. Luxury Rehab Finder
  6. We are aware that the circumstances and pain experienced by each individual are unique. Because of this, no two treatment programs can be the same. Before making any care recommendations, we conduct an exhaustive and in-depth evaluation. We collaborate with several treatment providers and de-addiction programs in India to provide our clients with the most effective answer. Some persons cannot get therapy because they do not have the time or means to go. As a result, we can collaborate with you and make recommendations for the ideal site to meet your requirements.

  7. 4. Belgharia Well Wisher Foundation
  8. Those needing privacy and solace might find it at the Belgharia Well-Wisher Foundation. You would have access to the top teachers in the world here. Everyone who has endured abuse and detox deserves the most excellent possible treatment. This is why we strive to provide unparalleled services. Our rehabilitation programme is brief since no one wants to spend months in a dungeon. Second, participation in our programme is entirely optional. We don't believe in locking people up, so you can come and go as you choose. We provide custom solutions for our clients. It is a nice gesture that goes a long way towards making our customers feel appreciated. Our ability to cater to each customer's unique requirements makes our service exceptional. Individualized care programmes are what we specialize in here. We work hard to complete our objectives in the allotted time frame.

  9. 5. Sukoon Health
  10. Fortis Hospitals Ltd, Sukoon, provides inpatient and outpatient psychiatric, deaddiction, rehabilitation, and mental health services under the clinical direction of the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences. We are the only healthcare organization that specializes in mental health and psychiatry.

    Consult with a skilled group of professionals, including psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counsellors, and art therapists, who work together to provide comprehensive care for your needs. While we work together to get you feeling better, we will never compromise the trust between doctors and patients.

  11. 6. Hope Trust
  12. Since its founding in 2002, Hope Trust has been recognized as a leading facility for substance abuse recovery. The original 12-bed facility has expanded to 30 beds, with separate male and female wings, each offering gender-specific treatment and staffed entirely by women.

    Hope Trust is a leading-edge facility that provides individualized treatment with the highest standards of ethics and medical excellence. Patients' mental, physical, and emotional health are all considered in their comprehensive care plan. Participation in AA/NA meetings is also required. In addition, the staff collaborates with patients to identify specific requirements and make necessary adjustments to treatment regimens.

  13. 7. Lotus Wellness and Rehabilitation Center
  14. In contrast to more conventional rehabs, Lotus is a cutting-edge residential treatment centre and mental health institution. It is meant to be a haven of refuge where you can heal, relax, and find contentment. You can come to our centre and find a quiet place to focus on yourself without worrying about the past or the future. We're dedicated to giving you the same level of service we expect from our families.

  15. 8. Blissful Mind
  16. Here at Blissful Mind Therapy Centre, we aim to provide a welcoming space where you may feel at ease opening up about your struggles and finding the resources you need to make meaningful changes.

    At the Blissful Mind Therapy Centre, we tailor our treatment plans to each individual by combining several modalities, such as cognitive behavioural therapy, rational emotive behaviour therapy, psychodynamic therapy, client-centred therapy, mindfulness, life coaching, positive psychology, art therapy, drama therapy, and play therapy.

  17. 9. Jeevan Daan Treatment & Rehabilitation Centre
  18. The Jeevandaan Foundation is a licenced and government-approved alcohol rehabilitation institution in Punjab that has constantly been assisting individuals in breaking free from addiction and lead healthy, sustainable lives. Jeevandaan Foundation has been working for the welfare of alcoholics since 2007, and it is based in the little town of Punjab, Zira, distant from the rush and bustle of the metropolis. No matter how dire a person's circumstances are, we firmly believe they should be granted a second opportunity at a happy and healthy life. Jeevandaan Foundation is here to assist individuals in getting into the Best De Addiction Centre in Punjab, and we do so by providing them with admission.

  19. 10. Drug Dependence Treatment Centre
  20. The availability and use of drugs and alcohol have skyrocketed in recent years. Only by raising awareness of their risks and enticing people to choose healthier drug relationships will abuse and addiction to these substances decrease.


People with mental health disorders may lead productive and satisfying lives if given the proper treatment and support. The top 10 rehabilitation Centers in India may provide aid seekers the best chance of hope and recovery. By considering the factors above and completing research, individuals may choose the best mental rehabilitation hospital for their needs. The first and most essential stages in healing from mental illness are getting help and settling into a secure, nurturing environment.

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